Top 7 Common Mistakes That Students Make While Preparing for JEE Mains

The reason for not qualifying is not that you were not serious about the exam but the fact that JEE mains needs a specific strategy to avoid the mistakes that reduce your chances to qualify mains. Lets look for the mistakes you might be making and increase the chances of your selection.

Succumb to Distractions- Set a reasonable limit to the usage of electronic devices. Entertainment is required but falling to distractions like social media or binge-watching television shows can take you further away from your goal.

Focusing on Quantity Rather Than Quality- More hours of study has nothing to do with the value it adds. Take multiple breaks and focus on the completion of the topics. Set realistic targets and complete them in the decided period.

Neglecting Specific Topics- All the topics carry equal weightage and can contribute to your qualification in JEE Mains, hence never leave any page unturned. Time management is necessary to maintain a healthy balance among all subjects and topics.

Revision at The Last Moment- The last days are as important as the initial days of preparation. Revision and mock tests help to brush up on the previous foundation and identify the grey areas in your preparation. Time management helps you to allocate sufficient time to prepare and revise as well.

Avoid Overexertion and Exam Stress- Your brain is not a machine and hence it needs rest. The habit of staying up overnight to study the day before the exam could have a bad impact on the day of the examination as well as your health. Give your body enough rest and indulge in entertaining activities to avoid exam stress.

Not Following a Schedule- Come up with your schedule rather than following someone else. Analyze your abilities and pace to create the schedule best suited to you. Follow the routine with dedication and feel the magic.

Being Overconfident- Overestimating your potential and overconfidence are the worst diseases for a student. With the broad syllabus, there will always be some areas left even if you feel you have completed everything. Stay humble and motivated to perform well.

With constant practice the problem-solving skill can be enhanced to perform well at the end. The completion of the syllabus before time is not an assurance of success hence consistent hard work and analyzing your performance increase the chances to succeed. Avoid these common mistakes and move forward towards your bright future.

Stay healthy and work hard!