5 Ways for Better Time Management - The Most Crucial Factor in JEE Exam

When we talk about a strategic plan for exams, many students think of going through different competitive books, sample papers and mock tests, but what the students often overlook is the most important factor to crack any exam - Time management.

Of course, examiners want to test your analytical and logical skills, but what is the use of it if you are unable to get things done on time? Therefore, polishing your time management skill is equally important as any other skills. Therefore, we have compiled 5 ways for better time management to crack the JEE exam.

1. Divide Your Time
The duration of JEE 2021 is 3 hours with three sections- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. The exam will consist of 90 questions, out of which candidates have to attempt only 75 (25 from each). One way of approach is to equally divide the time, i.e. 1 hour for each section. But in reality, this will not play out well. The better approach is to analyze and identify their strong and weak subjects and attempt the questions accordingly.

Lets say, if you are weak in physics but relatively strong in chemistry, then you need to dedicate more time to physics than chemistry.

2. Set in a Schedule
The key to solving problems promptly is practice. You need to set a routine to practice sample papers (ideally the time of examination) and practice solving mock tests within the time limit. Analyze the sections that are taking up more time than necessary and try to improve in the same.

Another tip would be to clear out all distractions while solving sample papers and work strictly under the time limit.

3. Prioritize Your Subjects
You need to design a strategy while preparing for the exam. Most of the students pick out random topics while studying and end up getting confused and underprepared. Hence, evaluating high weightage topics and mastering them will give you better results than randomly selecting without a plan.

4. Learn Shortcuts
The majority of the questions in JEE require complex calculations, which takes up a lot of time, but there are many shortcuts available to ease the solving process. Some of the common methods you can follow are learning shortcut formulas, making mnemonics and acronyms to remember concepts and preparing flashcards for quick revision of the topics and formulas.

5. Do Not Panic
We cannot emphasize this enough, but the more you panic, the more you will make mistakes. The key is not to overburden yourself while preparing for JEE. Yes, the exam requires more study time, but it is equally important to take breaks and follow a healthy lifestyle to relieve stress. A stressful and distracted mind is likely to make more mistakes. Hence, make sure to sleep well before the exam and keep calm in the exam hall.

Lastly, the key to crack JEE is to prepare smartly. Students who have cracked JEE are not all geniuses with above-average IQ but students who have honed their skills with practice and proper time management. And you can certainly achieve the same by following the above-mentioned tips.

Good luck!