Department of Engineering Chemistry is an inter-disciplinary domain at the Medi-Caps University, Indore.

Foto The department is bound to provide high quality manpower andresearch inputs that are of utmost importance for the growth of our nation. One of the major objectives of this department is to work for the creation and application of knowledge in our disciplines and to communicate scientific understanding to students, peers, and the communities we serve. Our partnerships with educational, scientific, and business communities foster a dynamic learning environment. We actively engage graduate students in learning and connect them to opportunities in employment and education. We are working to play an important decisive role in the carrier of students by helping them become world class professionals; who can face future technical challenges. The department, under the dynamic leadership of its Head, Prof. (Dr.) Preeti Jain, is focused to turn students into outstanding professionals and lays stress upon most modern methods of teaching i.e. applying the latest technological tools. Students would find their classes interesting and lively because of these. It is not only because of its trendsetting infrastructure but it is more so because of the faculty members who are well qualified with masters/doctorate from institutes of repute with international exposure on  working /scientific visits and have a number of national and international publications to their name. In addition, our efforts are directed towards providing innovative energy technologies and systems to mitigate the global problem of environmental changes.The department equips students with technical knowledge, skill and ability; motivating them to think creatively, helping them to act independently and take decisions accordingly in all their scientific pursuits and other endeavours. It strives to equip and empower its students and faculty members to contribute to the development of society and Nation. We currently focus on developing new technologies in treatment of wastewater, green technologies in synthesis of corrosion inhibitors and nanoparticles, greener pathways for the synthesis of organic pharmaceutical compounds.Meanwhile, we also concentrate on development of energy efficient technologies. We are rigorously working on strengthening existing research groups and establishing new research teams.The department is a part of different undergraduate programs BE 1st yr, Engineering Chemistry (Theory and Practical); EEES (Energy, Environment, Ecology and Society –Theory: 1st and 2nd Semester), Environmental Engineering I & II (Civil Engineering –6thand 7thSemester practicals) to post-graduate programmes (M. Tech.) in Nanotechnology, Diploma(Engg.). Environmental Science in BBA, BSc, BCA and BCom.