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International Summit

Based on the United Nations objective, Global Peace and Sustainable Development Summit (GSPDS) 2023

Based on the United Nations objective, Global Peace and Sustainable Development Summit (GSPDS) 2023 organized by Witty Gossip Association, Expression learning, at Medi-Caps University Indore. The event, which lasted for 17 days and was held in 17 institutes at an international level, brought together experts and scholars from across the globe to share their insights and experiences on promoting peace and sustainable development.

The closing ceremony and certificate distribution took place in the presence of Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Panda and Dy Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Ankur Saxena, along with online representatives from the Philippines, Greece, Malaysia, USA, and physically more than six other institutes and universities.

The summit served as a platform for discussions on various topics related to peace and sustainability, including climate change, social justice, and global security. Scholars and experts shared their research and findings and learned from each other, contributing to ongoing efforts to promote peace and sustainable development.

The ceremony saw the distribution of certificates to the participants who had successfully completed the program. Organizers and distinguished guests highlighted the importance of promoting peace and sustainable development. The event was a significant contribution to the cause and a success in bringing experts and scholars from various backgrounds together to share knowledge and experiences.

The ceremony was coordinated by Dr. Vinitha Nair and summit internationally organized by Dr. Ravindra Pathak, Head, Office of International Affairs.

Dr. Sunil K Upadhyay ,Incharge Collaboration express their gratitude towards the Chancellor, Pro Chancellor, OSD to Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Dean Agriculture and Collaboration Incharge Dr. Sunil K Upadhyay and administration for their support and motivation.


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Day of YOGA” Celebration

“Har Angan Yog” Yoga is a discipline and meditation which needs to be practiced physically, mentally

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Khelo India Youth Games

The Khelo India Youth Games is a multi-sport event organized by the Government of India