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About Collaboration Cell

The Collaboration Cell at Medi-Caps University is a resource center for the Institute’s collaborations. It facilitates the development of memorandum of agreements and partnerships with universities abroad as well as international/national organizations. It also aims to promote the involvement of faculty members, staff and students in international research and development projects. It also helps to align international opportunities with the college’s curriculum enabling student mobility across institutions.

Message From Head/Contact

Dr. Ravindra Pathak


Welcome to the Collaboration Department at Medi-Caps University! Our department is dedicated to fostering partnerships with leading institutions and organizations around the world to promote academic and research collaborations. Through our our partnerships, we offer opportunities for faculty and students to engage in exchange programs, joint research projects, and other collaborative initiatives that enhance academic excellence and promote global understanding. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our partnerships and the opportunities they offer. If you're interested in in partnering with us, please contact us for more information.

Types of Collaborations

Exchange of Students

Exchange of Faculty / Research scholars

Research and Development collaboration

Exchanges of Resources (such as library materials)

Training Assistance

Training Assistance

Objectives and Aims


Objectives and Aims

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Key Points

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Facilitate and boost Medi-Caps University’s global visibility and recognition.

Develop, coordinate and strengthen international linkages.

Developing and strengthening collaborative agreements with foreign universities and organizations in terms of research, projects, student and faculty exchange, and many more.

Provide a base to assist international and Indian scholars for career advancement and contribute towards enhancing bilateral relations.

To provide high-quality international educational experience to students through student exchange programs.

Outline the programs of the university, encourage international education and joint interdisciplinary programs for particular subject areas.

Share international best practices through international collaborations to facilitate high-impact research that advances the limits of expertise and leads to the worldwide advancement of society.

Key Points

Academic Exchange & Academic Information Exchange

Exchange of Faculty members for a limited duration

Exchange of Students and study programs of common interest

Training & Visiting of Faculty Members & Staff

Collaboration in research, Conferences, and Seminars

Why Collaborate with us?

Research Opportunity

Expand research opportunities and access to resources.

Exchange of Ideas

Foster cross-cultural learning and exchange of ideas.


Enhance academic excellence and innovation through joint projects and initiatives.

Develop Networks

Develop international networks and partnerships.


Access to a diverse pool of talented students and faculty.

Social Responsibility

Promote social responsibility and sustainable development.

Contact with us

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