"Admissions Open 2024-2025"

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Shri R.C. Mittal

Shri R.C. Mittal


We are delighted to welcome you to Medi-Caps University, one of the premier private universities in Indore, India. Our mission is to become the best source of learning and empower society with competent and responsible professionals who can provide quality education worldwide. Our campus is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and offers a conducive environment for professional study, research, and innovation.
Our programs are designed to equip students with the necessary tools to meet the diverse demands of the global job market. We are committed to instilling ethical and moral values in our students and preparing them to become future leaders and innovators who can bridge the gap between academia and industry.
Join our vibrant community at Medi-Caps University and explore the endless opportunities that await you. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you throughout your academic journey.

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Prof. (Dr.) Dilip K. Patnaik

Vice Chancellor

Medi-Caps University is widely recognized for its exceptional academic standards, and we take pride in sharing this confidence with our current and future students. We believe that Medi-Caps University plays a critical role in the nation-building process by providing a comprehensive education to the younger generation and society as a whole. Our aim is to persist in delivering high-quality education that is accessible to all, coupled with an environment that facilitates the holistic development of an individual's personality.
In response to the increased privatization of education in India, our priority is to create a vibrant and optimized platform for quality knowledge enhancement that builds students' core competencies by integrating knowledge with skills grounded on ethics and values.

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Prof. (Dr.) Dilip K. Patnaik
pro chancellor

Mr. Gopal Agrawal

Pro Chancellor

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Medi-Caps University family. As the Pro-Chancellor of our esteemed institution, I strive to shape you as a person who plays a vital role in shaping the future of our university and the students who are enrolled here.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and strive to provide our students with an all-encompassing education that emphasizes the importance of ethics, values, and manners in addition to technical knowledge. Our goal is to ensure that every student who graduates from Medi-Caps University is well-equipped to take on the challenges of the professional world and make a positive impact on society.
Our courses are designed to meet the demands of the present-day scenario and provide students with a blend of technology and humanities that promotes well-rounded development. We believe in nurturing talent and producing shining stars in every field, be it humanities, science, or technology.

Mr. Palash Garg

OSD to Chancellor

Here, at Medi-Caps, we inspire dreams, ignite curiosity, motivate actions, and define the vision for tomorrow All of these characteristics, along with a beautiful and distinctive environment, make Medi-Caps University a perfect venue for any young, eager student aiming to become a thorough professional and a good corporate citizen.
The focus of education, here, is on comprehensive change in order to better prepare our students for their future careers and lives. To that purpose, each individual's growth is cherished.

Mr. Palash Garg

Ms. Saloni Garg

Director Branding and Promotion

At Medicaps University, we're redefining our legacy. From being a regional powerhouse, we're setting our sights on a national stage. Our goal: to nurture holistic development and equip our students for the global arena. We're committed to providing the best environment for their growth and success.

Mr. Palash Garg
pro chancellor

Prof (Dr.) D.K. Panda

Pro Vice Chancellor

In the pandemic era, where mask wearing and social distancing is the new normal, we have come up with the modern approaches of advanced technologies. We have become competitive with unprecedented modes of online teaching-learning technologies in order to reach our students. An immediacy for self-development is imbibed constantly and continuously among the would-be technocrats and professionals of the Nation via the implications of mandatory internships, training programs and MOOC certificate courses.
Our mission is to make our students well-equipped at various levels of Graduate and Postgraduate degrees with an outstanding CBCS curriculum and an unprecedented teaching-mentoring pedagogy. We are committed to nation-building; to pave the path of a bright and colorful career along with holistic human- development. This shall not happen without trained faculties and congenial educational ambience. That is precisely where technology comes to our rescue. Even after the end of this pandemic, this post-pandemic change will linger on and will stay with us for long, of course for the better of it. Hoping for a safe and bright future for all.

Prof. (Dr.) P. Siluvainathan


We, the MediCapsians are passionate about creating dreamers, visionaries with never die attitude for serving tomorrow’s Bharat. Our infrastructure, syllabus, TLMs and practices match national ambitions at the same time keeping pace with global standards. Learners are welcome to our naturally beautiful campus. Be limitless! We are eager to serve you.

Dr. Sanjay Jain