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Guidance and Support from Experienced Mentors

Mentoring has long been recognized as a powerful tool in career development. Early career psychologists are advised to find mentors, either informally on their own, or to participate in formal mentoring programs. Regardless of how a mentor and mentee are matched, etiquette and ethics demand that the relationship be conducted in a professional manner with consideration and respect for both individuals. Mentoring is a dynamic process and a developmental network of mentoring can help mentees identify several mentors who can address a variety of career-related needs. The leadership within an institution must first recognize and identify the need for mentoring, and then plan, develop, support, and promote a program that directly addresses specific workforce gaps—both current and future.


A mentor is a teacher or an advisor one who leads through guidance. Faculty Mentoring is a process by which experienced senior faculty with highly acquired achievements - counsel, guide, instruct and facilitate the intellectual and/or career development of generally new, less experienced faculty. A mentor is “Anyone who offers knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom that helps other people professionally and also goes beyond duty or obligation.”


“A mentee is someone who has identified a specific personal or professional goal and who believes that the guidance and help of a mentor – and being held accountable to the mentor – can help them achieve their goal” or “Anyone who wants to learn and seeks valuable advice from someone who knows in order to grow professionally and/or personally.” As such, the Mentee need to actively participate, retain critical faculties, seek new capacities, seek overall development other than domain area, Remain open to multiple influences and own responsibility for success.

Mentoring at Medi-Caps


  • Enriching the learning process by providing expert advice and guidance by experienced mentors to the newly admitted students.
  • Distinguishing the family background, social status, health status, academic background, hobbies, vision, mission and future endeavors etc.
  • Prescribing the framework structure and content of mentoring program at stages for the allotted mentee.
  • Identifying relevant plans including co-curricular & extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of mentee.
  • Planning for continuous updating of implementation strategies of the program and the quality and content of resource material.


  • Help mentee to identify and achieve career development and personal growth goals as per the need of society.
  • Support in equipping with the knowledge, skills and abilities to face real-life challenges.
  • Prepare mentors with the tools necessary to enhance their capability within their current roles.
  • Create opportunities to meet and partner with stakeholders, or expand cultural boundaries.
  • Create a culture that sees mentorship as an effective way of developing proficient individuals.

Ratio: 1 Mentor = 20 Mentee

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Alumni Mentorship Program

Medi-Caps University's alumni mentorship program provides students with a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from successful professionals who have graduated from the university. Our alumni mentors are seasoned professionals in various fields, and they are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience to help guide and support current students in their academic and professional pursuits.

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Placement Peer Mentoring System

Medi caps Univercity

Empowering Career Success

Medi-Caps University's placement peer mentoring system is designed to provide students with comprehensive support to achieve their career goals. Our peer mentors are trained senior students who work closely with juniors and guide them through the placement process.Our peer mentors help students identify their career aspirations and interests and assist them in developing job search strategies, preparing for interviews, and creating compelling resumes.

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