Confused in the major streams of BBA and BCA to select? Here is your solution!

Confusion always entails due to lack of awareness and understanding about the field. So are you the one who is thinking of making a career choice after 12th? Here is something for you, especially if you hail from a commerce background and wish to make it in this discipline. There are a couple of choices in front of you, the popular ones being BBA and BCA. Amidst the BBA and BCA streams if you are confused then experts at Medi-Caps University are here to solve your query & clear all your doubts. Read on to know more.

Firstly let us know briefly about BBA and BCA. So BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration which is a management degree while BCA is a technical concept course that stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. Both of these courses are of three years. It depends on your interest skills and for the job roles that you wish to get into. It can get confusing while choosing a specific stream.

Knowing their categories:

  • BBA:
    Talking of BBA, there are 7-8 streams which can be divided into 3 major categories as general, technical and professional. The general category includes subjects like entrepreneurship, management and international business. These subjects do not make you adept in a particular skill but combine the knowledge of their domain. The next category is technical which includes modern day specialization like operations, supply chain management, MIS, and alike. The last category is professional, which includes finance, marketing, advertising and alike. These courses prepare your strong foundation for any organisation’s core functioning.
  • BCA:
    Coming to BCA, it gives a huge scope to the aspiring computer professionals. With the massive growth of digitization, IT professionals with the right level of skill and expertise are very much required. Merely learning computer languages does not help in here, it requires one to dig deeper. With the syllabus divided into 6 semesters, it covers subjects like networking, DBMS, Mathematics, Software engineering, Programming languages, etc.

    Few tips that can help you decide:
    • Once you know what these courses entail, you can picture yourself in at least one of them. This helps you chalk out a few options out of all.
    • Post that, one can even take help of career counsellor to help one decide.
    • Talking to alumni of reputed colleges can also be of great help. The real experiences matter a lot.
    • Try to connect with the faculty of each stream and get to clarify your doubts regarding the field, if any.
    • Follow social media channels of prestigious universities who have collaborations with top MNCs. Their regular webinars and sessions can help you get clarity on the same.

Think of the big picture!

While choosing a stream out of the available options can be a challenging task, think of the big picture. Think of how and where would you prefer living after a certain age and time. This helps you question yourself and churn out the real interest for you. Apart from this, one can always look up to the experts at Medi Caps University. They will always guide you to choose the right path and carve a great career for you.