Date Link
27-July-2021 Circular: Grievances July 2021
02-July-2021 Exam Form Notice May 2021 Even Semester
30-June-2021 Circular: Exam postponed MS3CO06
19-June-2021 Re-Totaling Result Odd Semester Dec 2020 Examinations
04-June-2021 Circular: Grievance
24-May-2021 Notice: Retotaling and Revaluation
24-May-2021 Retotaling and Revaluation Form
21-May-2021 Circular : Exam postponed of 21 May 2021 (BTech)
21-May-2021 Circular : Exam postponed of 21 May 2021
19-May-2021 Circular: Exam postponed of IT department
12-May-2021 Circular: Revised Oral Examination Slots
12-May-2021 Circular : Examination postponed of 14 May 2021 click here
09-May-2021 Circular: Oral Theory Exam of MBA Postponed
09-May-2021 Circular: Oral Exam postponed
07-May-2021 Circular: Revised Oral Examination SlotsClick here
05-May-2021 Circular: Final year End-Semester Examination May-June 2021
01-April-2021 Circular of ExaminationClick here to view