Wednesday, 18 September, 2019
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National Service Scheme

NSS is a program through which students are encouraged to work towards the social welfare of the country. This is to inculcate a fellow feeling among the students, and to develop accountability towards the development of their nation. With the theme of community service, the program officer, Mr. Vajid Ahmed took the initiative of organizing a social camp in the village Machala in the month of February. In this camp 50 students took part to spread awareness on social issues like Save Girl Child, Drug Abuse and Honour Killing. In the month of March, an adventurous cum social camp was organized at the district level. In all 400 students participated in the camp from six districts namely Dhar, Badwaniya, MHOW, Indore, Alirajpur and Jhabua, out of which 17 students were from the MediCaps who played an active role in carrying out the camp’s agenda. The aim was to create awareness for a green and clean earth along with cleaning up of the village, teaching, and mending of roads and wells. The students planted trees and through skits and plays they explained the importance of trees to the villagers. In the month of April, a National camp was organized by the Government of India and Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region at Arunachal Pradesh. It was a rock climbing expedition along with rappelling, jumering, and river crossing.