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Automobile (AU) Department

The Automobile Engineering Department, headed by Mr. Amit Kulkarni was started in 2011 and currently. This is the youngest department of the institute and one of the most energetic. All faculty members, striving hard continuously to improve the quality of education in engineering and technology. The department offers academic programmeB.E. in Automobile Engineering. The faculty members are grouped under 5 broad specialisation; Automobile, Design, Thermal, Industrial Engineering. and Material Science.

The academic activities are supported by five laboratories. Students are the active members of SAE-India in which they perform various activities like; EFFICYCLE, BAJA, SUPRA and GO-CART competitions, under the guidance of various faculty members. The team of faculties and students have performed 1stin M.P. and 18th all India ranking in EFFICYCLE competition in the year 2013-14. The department organizes various Industrial Visits time to time.

Medi-Caps Institute of Science and Technology

Mr. Amit Kulkarni
Education: M.Tech

Amit Kulkarni, being in the Institute right from its inception is an M.Tech from REC Kurukshetra.  He is having teaching experience of more than 15 years has taught various subjects of Mechanical as well as Automobile Engineering. His constant self motivation makes him a master of many areas such as Quality Control & Reliability, Operations Management; besides which he also holds a Green Belt in 6- Sigma.
Amit Kulkarni is also a member of SAE. Other than these, he handles various academic activities, Examinations, administrative tasks on day to day basis of the institute, apart from handling his own department.

Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
Mr. Amit Kulkarni HOD M.Tech 13
Mr. Avinash Sharma Assistant Professor BE, ME 6
Ms. Neelam Dubey Sr Assistant Professor Diploma, BE, M.E. 11
Mr. Prabhat Patel Sr Asst Professor M.E. 7
Mr. Amit Chandsarkar Assistant Professor BE, ME 7.1
Ms. Rita Nagawal Assistant Professor BE, ME 3
Mr. Kapil Shrivastava Asst Professor B.Tech. 4
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mehta Asst Professor B.E. 7.9
Mr. Devendra Patel Asst Professor BE 3.5
Mr. Kautuk Sharma Asst Professor BE, M.Tech Pursuing 3.6
Mr. Murli Mukati Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech Pursuing. 1.5
Mr. Ram Bansal Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech. 2.8
Mr. Gourav Patel Assistant Professor BE, ME 10.9
Sunil Patidar Assistant Professor ME 7 Years
Mr. Abhishek David Assistant Professor M.Tech.
Surobhi Pal Assistant Professor M.Tech. 0.5
Mr. Neeraj Pateriya Assistant Professor M.Tech.
Mr. Sagar Singh Parihar Assistant Professor ME 3.6
Ms. Pragati Shinde Assistant Professor ME 0.7
Mr. Lekhraj Patidar Assistant Professor ME
Mr. Shubham Soni Assistant Professor ME
Mr. Rahul Patel Assistant Professor ME


Course NameIntake Duration
BTech 60 4 Year

1. Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab


In this lab students learn about the basics of mechanical engineering using Models of Boilers, Models of I.C. Engines, Models of Boiler Mountings and Accessories, Measuring Instruments (Vernier Calipers, Micrometer, and Sine Bar etc.) and Surface Plate etc.

2. Engineering Mechanics Lab


The equipments in this lab are-Friction Apparatus (Horizontal and Inclined), Rotating Disc Apparatus, CG and MI apparatus, SF and BM Apparatus, Flywheel, Winch Crab and Gravesend’s Apparatus for Laws of forces, students utilize these devices for learning about forces and their applications.

3. Engineering Drawing Lab


The major equipments are-Drawing Objects, Models and Drawing Box. The models include different solids like; prisms and pyramids, their cut sections. It helps students to get actual visualization of various problems.

4. Machine Drawing and Design Lab


It has Machine Drawing Models (Joints, Bearings, Piston, and Connecting Rod, etc.), Assembly and Tolerance Charts etc. It provides knowledge about to assembly and dismantling of various machine parts mentioned in the syllabus.

5. Workshop Practice


It is equipped with following machines- Lathe Machine, Drilling Machine, Power Hack Saw, Welding Machine, Grinder, Open Hearth Furnace, and Various Tools of all sorts.

6. Automobile Engineering Lab


The Major Equipments are – 6 cylinder diesel engines, Cut section model of synchromesh gear box, Fuel supply system of diesel engine, Differential of Omni Car Turbocharger of diesel Engine, Propeller Shaft, Cut section model 6 cylinder diesel engine, Mechanical Steering System of Maruti 800 and various other elements related to automobiles. Students are upgraded with the working of the actual engine parts.

  • The students of Automobile Engineering V Semester- Nilay Sahu, Dharmendra Nagar, Abhijeet Singh Chouhan, Ankit Bais, Arnab Das, Kanha Khandelwal, Mrityunjay Pratap Singh Bhadoriya, Nandkishore Gurjar, Sameer Saran, Shubham Nagar have qualified in the Virtual Round for west zone in the inter-collegiate design competition SAENIS EFFICYCLE - 2013 in June with second position. The main event will be held on 27th - 29th September at UIET, Chandigarh .
  • Piyush Shendre of AU I year was awarded Kishore Ratna by the President of india for his project PAN Card as Transaction card which has been researched at IIT Science Expo Team which represents india all over the world for its new technologies