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Industrial Visit

  • One day field visit on sustainable development has been organised for BCA and BSc Students at BARLI Institute, Bhamori, Indore on February 13, 2017.
  • On 10th May 2013, the students of II year of Civil Engineering Department were taken to three different sited as an educational Visit. Fist, Amrapali Group sit was visited where excavation and foundation of column-footing was observed. From there the students moved on to vsit CASA-Greens and leanrt about the various steps involved in the construction of row houses i.e. from superstructure. From there they visited the site balajui skies where the new technology i.e. he usage of fly ash bricks(an industrial waste product) is used in construction.
  • On 22nd and 23rd Februay. The Civil Engineering Department organized an education tour to Jalud Water Treatment Plant for III year student where they learnt about water treatment process at various stages and design of the plant. The students covered the sited of the plant of 90 MLD and the modern third phase plant 210 MLD water supply.
  • An industrial visit was held at Eicher Motor Pvt. Ltd in February for the final year students of Mechanical Engineering Department coordinated by Dr K K Gupta and Mr M M Sharma
  • An industrial visit was held in February at Dee Tee Industry, Pithampur under the coordination of Mr M M Sharma, Mr Himanshu Borade and Mr Ravi Patel for the students of Mechanical Engineering.
  • 2013-09-01
  • An educational visit to Doordarshan, Indore was organized for the students of ECV semester in the month of October.
  • MBA I Semester students visited Liugong (India) Pvt. Ltd October 5, 2012. Dr. Deepak Talwar and Ms. Shivani Sharma coordinated.
  • Industrial visit to AVTEC Ltd., Pithampur for MBA Semester II students was coordinated the visit on August 11, 2012. Dr. Deepak Talwar and Ms. Shivani Sharma .
  • Third year students visited Maral Overseas Limited, Khargone to learn the textile manufacturing and thermal power generation.
  • EX department has conducted different educational visits under the guidance of Prof. R.K. Pal in the month of September 2012. Final year students visited Indira Sagar Hydal Power Project, Punasa on September 22, 2012.
  • The institute plans regular industry visits for building professional efficiency of the students. Regarding the same the students of EX and Civil were sent to Maheshwar Hydel Power Plant. In the power plant there are 10 turbines, each of 40 MW energy. Therefore, the total capacity of the plant is 400 MW, which is the largest radial gate in Asia. The students saw the civil construction of gates including service gate, radial gate etc. and the information about turbine section was also given to the them. The plant comprises of Kaplan Turbine as it is of 'low heat type'. The information regarding the mechanical component was followed by the electrical one. The students were explained at length about alternators and stator. The students were made to observe the three phase generator, each having the capacity of 50MVA which steps up voltage at 11KV, current483 A to 220KV and 503A. After this, the supply is transformed to switchyard. The switchyard was under construction hence the students weren't allowed to visit. However some theoretical information regarding the same was given to the students. The study tour proved to be a fruitful experience for both the students as well as the faculties.
  • 2012-12-01
  • The students of EX IV semester gained practical knowledge by visiting MTRU, MPPKVVCL Co. Ltd. Indore in February.
  • The students of EX VI semester visited 400 KV substation, MPPKVVCL Co. Ltd. Indore in the month of March 2012.
  • EX VIII semester students had gone for an industry visit at Maheshwar in the month of March 2012.
  • The students of MBA (Foreign Trade) visited industries such as ICD at Pithampur, TATA International at Dewas, Pratibha Syntex at Pithampur and Goa Pharmaceuticals at Goa. The students also went for research assignment on Export-Import at Star India Container Pvt. Ltd. Indore.
  • The Department of Civil Engineering organized several industrial visits to acquaint students with the realities. The students were taken to a number of bridge sites such as bridge at Pithampur road , MHOW, Bandganga Road, etc. They also conducted a technical visit to Maheshwar Dam.
  • 2012-06-01